About APC

A company founded on the understanding that it exists for the needs of its customers and we will continuously seek out those needs and make every effort to meet them.


APC, Academic Partners Consulting, exists to invigorate a passion for teaching and learning for all who partner with us. To us, this means keeping the “so what” the focus of all that we do.


APC will be the company best known for providing quality learning experiences that promote excellence in education.


To provide educators and students with the fundamental skills necessary to teach and learn effectively, efficiently, and enjoyably.


  • Integrity
  • Learning does not exist without integrity. APC commits to provide valid and reliable resources to our partners and asks for honest and constructive feedback in return.
  • Collaboration/Partnership
  • APC commits to be relentless in the pursuit of what our partners need to be better educators and students. We want partners open to collaboration and communication with us.
  • Inquiry/Lifelong Learning
  • Educators, especially healthcare educators, must have a spirit of inquiry and a desire to transform with the continuously changing environment.

About APC

Recently, a good friend and colleague recommended a book to me regarding winning clients in the consulting business. She knew that I had started my business, and knows that I am a nurse and educator at heart, not a salesperson. She recently went into business with her spouse, found the book helpful, and thought that since we are a lot alike that I might find it helpful too.

I jumped into the book eagerly and anxiously. In full transparency, I’m writing this and I am only on page 15. However, I found the first 14 pages delightfully refreshing! Why? Because the pages solidified, justified, and confirmed my belief about starting this business. The book said, it’s not about me! It’s about the customer and their needs and wants! 

APC, Academic Partners Consulting, was not my idea. It was the idea of the many nurse educators at conferences, workshops, colleges and universities, who asked the question, “Where can I get the information I need to move from a nurse to an educator?” When you keep hearing the same thing over and over, and you remember what it was like to be in that uncomfortable position, you can’t help but begin to think about a solution. Again, in talking with the customer, or potential customer, you hear the problems. “I need to know how to write a test question. Where do I find that?” or “I need the basics of what to do in the classroom. How do I keep my students engaged?” or “I don’t want to read 20 books on the subject of neuroscience. What is relevant to me as a teacher in the classroom?” I thought to myself, I know some answers to these questions! I would love to help! APC was born. It was born from the very customer base that will utilize APC.

If I could say only two things about APC to convince you that we are the missing link between teaching and learning it would be: 

  • We have waded through the mountains of information to give you the valid, salient information you need to be a successful teacher and/or student.
  • We will provide you the “so what” about a topic.

APC’s name is meaningful and purposeful. It is not just an educational company. We do not just deliver education. It is a consulting business. Consulting requires collaboration. Consulting requires partnership. Academic Partners Consulting, APC, is a company founded on the understanding that it exists for the needs of its customers. We will continuously seek out those needs and make every effort to meet them. 


Meet Maria Flores-Harris

Dr. Flores-Harris is an accomplished registered nurse with experience in clinical, academic, and business settings. She received her Bachelor’s of Science and Master’s of Science in Nursing with a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner focus from Clemson University. She remains loyal to her Clemson Tigers!